What’s New with the Crew? A Monthly Update

See how the unstoppable Asymptote crew is finishing up 2018!

As the year draws to a close, Asymptote staff members have been as busy as ever. Here is a selection of what our colleagues have been up to, from reviews written, to panels spoken on, and new blogs too.

Communications Manager Alexander Dickow contributed a review, “Mystery and Surprise: Two Chinese Poets,” and translations of Swiss poet and photographer Gustave Roud, to the 88th edition of Plume.

Senior Editor (Chinese) Chenxin Jiang discussed the political power of literary translation as part of a conference at the Centre d’études de la traduction at Paris VII.

Romania & Moldova Editor-at-Large Chris Tanasescu aka MARGENTO jointly (along with Raluca Tanasescu) contributed a book chapter entitled “Translator networks of networks in digital space: The case of Asymptote Journal” to the hot-off-the-press Complexity Thinking in Translation Studies from Routledge (eds. Kobus Marais & Reine Meylaerts).

Communications Manager Emma Page has launched a blog on her website with articles covering world literature and literary translation.

Podcast Editor Layla Benitez-James contributed a translation of Inongo vi-Makomé’s “An African’s View of the World from Eden” to EuropeNow Journal.

Assistant Managing Editor (Issue Production) Lou Sarabadzic attended the Salon de L’Autre Livre (a biannual book fair of indie publishers) in Paris, France from November 16 – 18 to sign her novel with publisher Publie.net, and her poetry collection with éditions de La Crypte.

Australia Editor-at-Large Tiffany Tsao spoke on several panels at Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) in Adelaide last month.


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