How You Can Help

Support Team:
If you’re here, then you love world literature. Do you have a little spare time to give? Have you got a network of literary contacts? If so, please consider joining our newly established support team. This is a fast-growing network of global volunteers working in their free time to promote the journal’s new content both online and in person, and acting as a focus group to provide invaluable feedback via questionnaire after each issue has been published. While this is an ad-hoc role, requiring very little time commitment, we will encourage you to feel an essential part of the overall running of Asymptote, the success of which requires the on-going support of passionate people like you.

Email us to express interest in joining our award-winning team and we’ll tell you more!

Other ways to help:


1. Donate what you can afford, so that we can bring you more great issues and hold even more events around the globe. Good news for donors in the US: we're now tax deductible and open to corporate sponsorship and individual patronages, as long as we keep our independence. Get in touch at if you would like to work something out.

2. We welcome any suggestions to improve. If you have feedback about your experience of our site, please let us know.

3. If you are on Facebook, like us, to show support. Sharing our Facebook posts or tweets helps them to travel further. Also a good idea: Invite your friends to like our page!

4. Download our high-resolution flyer on the right and get it displayed at your local independent bookstore/English department/high school/café.

5. Forward our mailer to friends or family who might like to know about us. If you're not already in our mailing list, subscribe to us here.

6. We want as many people to read us as possible, so if you are from a high-profile media outlet, and would like to write about us, please get in touch.

7. We're currently looking for a Writers on Writers Section Editor, a graphic designer, a Marketing Manager, and new Editors-at-Large - among other positions - to join our international, dynamic crew. If any of these positions appeal to you, drop us a line! View all available volunteer openings here.

8. We are developing an educational arm and a podcast. If you have the relevant experience and would like to help us with these projects, send us an email, making a passionate case for yourself!

9. We are constantly looking for ways to engage underrepresented communities. Although we try to reach out to everyone, Asymptote is still not networked in certain regions (e.g., Africa). If you belong to such an underrepresented region and would like to bring its literature to the world's attention, give us a shout. We are a global journal; we'd love to work with you.

10. As part of our initiative to reach out to readers from other language communities, we are translating work in the other direction every issue. So far, a Mary Gaitskill essay has been translated into the Japanese, a Soren Gauger into the Polish, and a Dominic Pettman into the Italian. If you are a seasoned literary translator and would like to volunteer your translation services, step forward to be on our list of translator-supporters. We also need readers as well, with mother-tongue fluency in diverse languages, so if you're game for contributing some audio bytes every now and then, let us know. All help will be credited after the masthead every issue.

We can't wait to hear from you!


—The Asymptote team