There are still a few vacancies available. Inquire within if interested.

“The epoch of world literature is at hand, and everyone must strive to hasten its approach,” Goethe was thought to have said. If you happen to be a world literature enthusiast looking to make a real difference in world literature, consider applying to our dynamic team. Among a growing number of journals with a focus on translation, Asymptote has distinguished itself with the diversity, the generosity, and the freshness of our offerings (we're also the first magazine to win the London Book Fair Award for International Literary Translation Initiative!). This is made possible by a team comprising close to ninety staffers across five continents. Most of our editors are plugged into their local scenes, continually deepening their knowledge of local literature by forging partnerships with literary institutions and bringing exciting new discoveries to the table. It is unfortunate that magazines with key editors and position-holders of non-White or non-Western backgrounds are still a rarity in English-language literary publishing; therefore, we pride ourselves in being an inclusive journal—which is reflected not only in the names we feature on our covers, but also on our masthead.

If you are considering a career in world literature, Asymptote also provides the perfect training ground. Former Asymptote staff have gone on to take up positions at The Wylie Agency, David Godine, Penguin Books, Dalkey Archive, and Words Without Borders.  

All volunteer positions are listed below. Three-month internships can also be arranged for most positions, but permanent staff members looking to be involved for at least a year (for the editorial roles especially) are preferred.


Asymptote is a venture that reaffirms my faith in people. In how there are, all over the world, people who believe in sharing and working together to share literatures of different tongues. That is work of empathy.”

—Poorna Swami, former Editor-at-Large for India


Assistant Blog Editor

Like the quarterly journal, the Asymptote blog is devoted to publishing creative and critical pieces related to world literature, culture, and translation. Updated daily, it provides a space for a variety of content—creative works to critical pieces. The assistant blog editor will work with the blog team to curate (and proofread) blog content of high quality, including essays, dispatches from literary events, interviews, book reviews, and more. Applicants should attach a writing sample with their letters of application and CV.

Newsletter Editor

We seek a Newsletter Editor to curate our Fortnightly Airmails sent out to 6,000 subscribers. The candidate must demonstrate impeccable copy and organizational skills, and a familiarity with the world literature scene. He or she should also be able to work to a deadline. Please submit a suitable writing sample along with your application materials.

Assistant Editor for Poetry

We seek Assistant Editors to help us weigh in our submissions and help with solicitations. Applicants should be familiar with the world literature scene, possess a refined sensibility for poetry, and have experience with either editing translated poetry or with translating poetry itself. They should also demonstrate resourcefulness and have solicited material before. Please include a sample of your work with your letter of application and CV.


We recently added new editors-at-large for Argentina, Brazil, Tibet, and Vietnam. We'd like to extend our network even more to ensure a constant stream of quality content from underrepresented languages and regions. We welcome applicants from other parts of the world, especially but not limited to: Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. Editors-at-large also help to promote our journal locally, explore partnerships with local journals and even organize events (though the last is not a necessary requirement).

Educational Arm

Educational Arm Assistant

We seek candidates with a passion for pedagogy and world literature to help assemble each quarter’s educational guides (found here) and to advocate for our educational arm. The ideal applicant is someone who has designed innovative lesson plans, and would be willing to tap his or her network to introduce our educational arm to teachers of all levels. Please submit a statement of motivation along with your CV.

Management and Operations

Assistant Managing Editor

Do you have experience motivating and supervising a virtual team? If you would like to apply your organizational and management skills toward our mission of catalyzing the transmission of world literature, we would like to speak with you.

Marketing, Communications, and Social Media

Marketing Manager
Our Marketing Manager should be someone familiar with advertising and have considerable knowledge of worldwide literary platforms, bookstores, and other institutions with which Asymptote can form partnerships. In addition to planning publicity campaigns around our issues, the Marketing Manager also helps us to expand our Book Club as well as push other initiatives.

Communications Manager

We're looking for a second Communications Manager to help with communications on Social Media, the Blog, and in our Newsletter. This Communications Manager will help to generate external communications (including, but not restricted to: press releases, mailers, media kits, interviews, etc.) and maintaining certain internal documents (e.g. the Asymptote orientation manual). Only the most meticulous candidates, capable of generating impeccable copy, need apply.

Social Media Manager (English)

Social Media Managers are responsible for Asymptote's online presence—not just in terms of promoting the journal's content but transforming our social media platforms into hubs for news and discussion about world literature. Applicants should be versatile, savvy with digital content, and have experience in publicity. If you have experience with Instagram or Pinterest, we'd love to hear from you especially.

Social Media Manager (French)

Same as above, but in French. If you have relevant social media experience and native French ability, and are willing to help us to develop our Asymptote en français Facebook page, we'd love to hear from you!

Social Media Manager (Spanish)

Same as above, but in Spanish. For the short term, we are keen on developing our Asymptote en espanol Facebook page, in order to reach even more readers from the Spanish-speaking world.

Design and Multimedia

Graphic Designer

Crucial to maintaining our aesthetically particular brand image, good Graphic Designers are always in high demand at Asymptote! Team members in this role cover the graphic design needs of our many platforms (ranging from print to online, to even ebook design). Please submit a portfolio along with your application.

Merchandise Designer

To commemorate our eighth anniversary, we hope to roll out a new series of Asymptote memorabilia, ranging from tote bags to T-shirts. Candidates should have experience with merchandise design. Please submit a portfolio along with your application.

Video Producer

The Video Producer will conceive and produce dynamic video trailers for our issues, such as these trailers for our Winter 2014 and Fall 2015 issues. Along with other publicity material that might also be commissioned, these videos will be shared on our social media platforms. Candidates should have strong video production skills. Please submit a portfolio along with your application.


Business Developer

We seek a business developer (ideally with some experience in Internet-related publishing) to help conceive and launch sustainablity projects like our Book Club.

* * *

All Asymptote staff work from home and communicate via email and Skype or gmail chat.

To apply for any of these unpaid positions, please send a cover letter (as a Word doc or in the body of the email please!) explaining why you'd like to join our team and a copy of your CV to, with "APPLICATION:" and the position(s) you're applying for in the subject line. Take note that most positions will start out with a 3-month orientation (requiring a commitment of 8-10 hours a week) during which you will get to know the journal and your fellow team members. After this orientation period, we will evaluate your performance and determine your future role with Asymptote. (Hours will come down to 6 to 10 hours a week, depending on which permanent role you’ve taken with us—some project-based positions may not even require a weekly commitment.)

If you want to be part of the movement to usher in a more inclusive world literature, send in an application today!

Note: As a rule, we usually get back to our applicants with an outcome within a month but sometimes it may take up to three months to determine the right candidate for our openings. Thank you for your patience!