Past Events

London - Sep 29, 2016

featuring Laura Barber, Adam Freudenheim, and Deborah Smith in a panel chaired by Jonathan Ruppin. View photos here

London - Jul 20, 2016

featuring Daniel Hahn in conversation with Megan Bradshaw. View photos here.

Belgrade - Apr 28, 2016

featuring Slavica Miletić, Aleksandra Mančić, and Đorđe Božović. Read the event summary here.

Hong Kong - Apr 16, 2016

featuring Huang Canran, Jessica Yeung, Hon Lai-chu and Tam Yee-lok. View photos here.

Chicago - Apr 13, 2016

featuring Nathanaël, Rey Andújar, Kolin Jordan and Jason Grunebaum. View photos here.

Ottawa - Apr 4, 2016

featuring Luise von Flotow and Caroline Lavoie and hosted by Marc Charron and MARGENTO. View photos here.

London - Mar 23, 2016

featuring Caroline Bergvall, Hamid Ismailov, Tena Štivičić and Ros Schwartz. View photos here.

New York City - Mar 3, 2016

featuring Ann Goldstein, Natasha Wimmer, and Frederic Tuten. View photos and check out the podcast here.

Ottawa - Apr 7, 2015

featuring Marc Charron, Seymour Mayne, Amanda Earl, and MARGENTO. View photos here.

London - Jan 19, 2015

featuring Adam Thirlwell, Daniel Hahn, Deborah Smith, and Stefan Tobler. View photos here.

New York City - Jan 17, 2015

featuring Susan Bernofsky, Edith Grossman, and Damion Searls. View photos here.

Hong Kong - Nov 5, 2014

featuring Hon Lai Chu, Lucas Klein, Christopher Mattison, Doug Robinson, Dorothy Tse, and Liu Waitong. View photos here.

Beijing - Oct 20, 2014

featuring Wolfgang Kubin, Ouyang Jianghe, Song Lin, Xi Chuan and Zhu Zhu. View photos here.

Copenhagen - Jul 22, 2014

featuring Theis Ørntoft, Ursula Andkjær Olsen, Martin Aitken, Niels Hav, Thomas E. Kennedy, and Lennox Raphael. View photos here.

Sydney - Apr 11, 2014

featuring Chris Andrews, Chris Edwards, Mridula Nath Chakraborty, Peter Boyle, Gonzalo Melchor, Laetitia Nanquette, and Elizabeth McMahon. View photos here.

Berlin - Apr 3, 2014

featuring Shane Anderson, Katy Derbyshire, Eugene Ostashevsky, Brittani Sonnenberg, and Thomas Pletzinger. View photos here.

Shanghai - Mar 29, 2014

featuring Asymptote contributors Eleanor Goodman and Eun Joo Kim. View photos here.

Philadelphia - Mar 29, 2014

featuring Vincent Kling, Katherine Hill, Ken Kalfus, Hilary Plum, and The Philadelphia Women's Slavic Ensemble. View photos here.

Boston - Feb 26, 2014

featuring Karen Thornber, Edwin Gentzler, Lloyd Schwartz, Vivek Narayanan, and Ellen Elias-Bursac. View photos here.

Zagreb - Feb 3, 2014

featuring Robert Perišić, Seid Serdarević, Anda Bukvić, and Vinko Zgaga. View photos here.

New York City - Jan 21, 2014

featuring Eliot Weinberger, Robyn Creswell, Idra Novey, Jeffrey Yang, Daniella Gitlin, and Cory Tamler. View photos and watch the videos here.

London - Jan 17, 2014

featuring George Szirtes, Boyd Tonkin, Ros Schwartz, and Aamer Hussein. View photos and listen to the podcast here.

Budapest - Nov 28, 2013

featuring Rainer Hanshe and Ferenc Takács. More info here.

Chicago - Oct 14 and 15, 2013

featuring Mircea Cărtărescu, Sean Cotter, Jesse Ball, and Dr. Delia Ungureanu. View photos here.

San Francisco - May 14, 2013

featuring Arturo Mantecon reading his translations of the Spanish poète maudit and dissident Leopoldo Maria Panero. More info here.

Chicago - Apr 25, 2013

featuring Robert Perisic reading from Our Man in Iraq, his first book translated into English. More info here.

Taipei - Feb 1, 2013

featuring Steve Bradbury, Darryl Sterk, and Lee Yew Leong. View photos here.

Barcelona - Jan 25, 2013

featuring Rafael Mammos, Javier Calvo, Ana Mata Buil, Peter Bush, Teresa Solana, Najat El Hachmi, Adrià Targa Ramos, and Damià Alou. View photos here.

New York City - Jan 20, 2013

featuring Reif Larsen, Cole Swensen, Paul Legault, Adam Sorkin, and Ariana Reines. View photos here.

Chicago - Jan 19, 2013

featuring Howard Goldblatt in conversation with Paola Iovene. View photos here.

Singapore - Jan 18, 2013

featuring Alvin Pang, Cyril Wong, Toh Hsien Min, Desmond Kon, Lee Wei Fen, and Leonard Ng. View photos here.

Berlin - Jan 18, 2013

featuring Christian Hawkey, Uljana Wolf, Soren Gauger, Brittani Sonnenberg, Jane Yager, and Sarah Khan. View photos here.

Beijing - Jan 17, 2013

featuring Ou Ning, Alice Xin Liu, Lee Yew Leong, and Eric Abrahamsen. More info here.

Islamabad - Jan 15, 2013

featuring Aamer Hussein, Iftikhar Arif, Kishwar Naheed, Fahmida Riaz, and Ilona Yusuf. View photos here.