What’s New with the Crew? A Monthly Update

From launching journals to winning literary prizes, our team has had a wonderful month!

Incoming Communications Manager Alexander Dickow has recently received tenure from the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences at Virginia Tech. He currently serves as Assistant Professor of French.

Spanish Social Media Manager Arthur Dixon has launched the second issue of Latin American Literature Today, a new journal where he serves as Managing Editor and Translator.

Drama Editor Caridad Svich has been named one of 2017’s O’Neill Finalists at the National Playwrights Conference for her play, Town Hall.

Romania and Moldova Editor-at-Large Chris Tanasescu (MARGENTO) has launched a book titled poetryartexchange, co-authored with 8 other British and Romanian poets and artists, at the Birmingham Literary Festival. The project is a collaboration between University of Bucharest Press and Centrala, and will see more events in London and Birmingham in May through early June.

Contributing Editor Ellen Elias-Bursac will speak alongside poets Athena Farrokhzad and Noemi Jaffe, and fellow translators Jennifer Hayashida and Julia Sanches, on a panel entitled ‘Corrosive Power’ at PEN America’s World Voices Festival.

Contributing Editor Adrian West‘s translation of a short story, ‘All Desert Islands are the Same’ by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, appears in the most recent issue of Words Without Borders, ‘The Global Feast’

Social Media Manager Thea Hawlin‘s interview with author Joanna Walsh has been published in review 31, while her review of Mona Kuhn’s photography has been featured in AnOther magazine. Her first blog posts for the British Institute of Florence appear here.

Chief Executive Assistant Theophilus Kwek was named co-winner of the Second Berfrois Poetry Prize, and the poems from his winning portfolio are available to read here. His recent pamphlet, The First Five Storms, has also been listed as one of the Poetry Book Society’s Summer Selections for 2017.

Indonesia Editor-at-Large Tiffany Tsao has published four translations of poems by Asymptote-featured Indonesian writer Norman Erikson Pasaribu in the latest issue of Asia Literary Review, as part of a collaboration with English PEN. Her translation of the Indonesian novel Paper Boats by Dee Lestari was also released by AmazonCrossing on May 1.


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