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Translation Tuesday: “The Enchanted Fiddle” by Franz Xaver von Schönwerth

Translated by Maria Tatar in Penguin's "The Turnip Princess and Other Newly Discovered Fairy Tales"

A woman had a son named Jacob, and he was the source of much pain and sorrow. Her irritation with him grew until one day she cried out: “I’ve had it! It’s time for you to leave home and find a master, even if it’s the devil himself!”

Jacob heard these words and felt so bad that he left home and decided to find an apprenticeship. As he was walking along, he met a man who asked him where he was heading. The boy replied: “My mother ordered me to find work, even if it’s with the devil himself.”

“Well, then you are quite welcome to come with me,” the stranger said, and the two started walking together. READ MORE…