Be a Part of Asymptote Blog!

Our first-ever call for blog contributors.

Like the quarterly journal (now open for submissions), Asymptote blog is devoted to publishing creative and critical pieces related to world literature, culture, and translation—which means we love to read and publish original pieces and translations by writers like you. So if you have something to say, read on and get in touch!

Asymptote blog looks for voice, depth, and topicality in its postings. We welcome regular and one-time contributors, and publish essays; dispatches from literary events; interviews; book reviews; weekly new translations of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and drama; and more.


Recent highlights from the blog include:

“Disappointingly, Chutzpah!’s life was cut short just as we got to the point where we had a pretty consistent batting average for high-quality pieces and could start thinking about seeking a larger readership outside of China.” An interview with Chutzpah!’s English editor, Austin Woerner.

Florian Duijsens’s “Pop Around the World” column takes a look at House of the Rising Sun,” well, around the world. 

Via Ottilie Mulzet (recent BTBA winner!), Gabór Scheins moving tribute to Szilárd Borbély.

Gatsby in Translationland examines the seminal work outside the tight nexus of American lit… and in the literary scene of 21st-century Poland instead.

“Basically, no one knows what great Latin American writers are teaching in New York.” An interview with Javier Molea.

M. Lynx Qualey on why good translated literature isn’t just for grown-ups.


If you’d like to contribute, but don’t quite know where to start, here are two ways you can join the list of blog contributors:

1. We’re looking for reviewers to write about new translated or translation-related books. In your e-mail, talk about a few works you would like to review and why.

2. We’re also looking for translations, published every Tuesday. In your e-mail, let us know your translation ideas and connections with authors or specific works.

An up-and-coming, vital element of our Translation Tuesdays is our Marcel Schwob “Mimes” project. Read more about the endeavor here; we’re crowdsourcing a creative translation-collaboration, and invite many contributors to take a stab at translating this underappreciated work.

Variety is our bread-and-butter, so if you have something new you’re itching to say, please send us a proposal with some information about you, how you’d like to contribute, and a writing or translation sample at Rolling deadline.

  • Ibtihal Mahmood

    This is very interesting and I would like to contribute to your blog with a few of my translations. I shall be in touch with you soon.