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Issue Jan 2011

Gozo Yoshimasu, Naked Memos

Translated from the Japanese by Sayuri Okamoto

Issue Apr 2011

Yevgeniy Fiks, Moscow

Issue Apr 2011

Chia-En Jao, Statement

Translated from the Chinese by Lee Yew Leong

Issue Jan 2012

Charwei Tsai, Ah!

Issue Jan 2012

Legend Hou Chun-Ming, God Hates You

Translated from the Chinese by Sim Yee Chiang

Issue Apr 2012

Hsia Yü et al., 'Cross it Out, Cross it Out, Cross it Out'—Erasurist Poetry from Taiwan's Poetry Now.

Translated from the Chinese by Dylan Suher and Rachel Hui-Yu Tang

Issue Oct 2012

Paco Roca, from Wrinkles

Translated from the Spanish by Adrian West

Issue Oct 2013

Frédéric Diart, Geistervariationen

Translated from the French by Simon Morley

Issue Jan 2014

Jinkyung Lee, Jeong Jae-wan, Kim Jong-won, Kim Jongku, and Lee Dong Kook, Korean Alphabet (Hangul) Art

Translated from the Korean by Lee Sangyeon and Choe Jeong-Hoon

Issue Apr 2014

Grace Weir, Script

Issue Apr 2014

Rafaël, VOWELS

Issue Apr 2016

Paol Keineg, Bad Language

Translated from the French of Paol Keineg

Issue Apr 2016

Peyman Hooshmandzadeh, Memories

Translated from the English by Poupeh Missaghi

Issue Apr 2016

Kemang Wa Lehulere, History Will Break Your Heart

Translated from the English by Alice Inggs

Issue Jul 2016

Kinga Tóth, Voice and Machine

Translated from the English by Eva Heisler

Issue Jul 2016

Jakub Woynarowski, Art as Alchemy

Translated from the Polish by Beatrice Smigasiewicz

Issue Oct 2016

Jinoos Taghizadeh, A Map of the Artist’s Mind

Translated from the Persian by Poupeh Missaghi

Issue Oct 2018

Guga Szabzon, Impossible, Indelible, Inexhaustible

Translated from the Portuguese by Sarah Booker and Robert Noffsinger