Stefan Bolea

blacks go to 24/7s
punkers go to 24/7s
policemen go to 24/7s
even priests go to 24/7s
24/7s are the new church, money is the new bible
we receive the Eucharist at 24/7s
we pour out our sins and, in exchange, receive soap, convenience food,
even beggars go to 24/7s and
exchange their little indulgences for a winter coat
Judas has returned to the 24/7 to buy a thicker
let's build a bigger mall we want absolution for many more men

the 24/7s sell organs to those with weak
lungs or kidneys
they sell eyes for the short-sighted, donkey's ears for the deaf, fake teeth for
soon 24/7s will sell slaves, which will replace fridges and
I want lots of money to build a church from it, a 24/7

the 24/7 is our temple, the temple where
we socialize, we sell our soul and, in return, get two-three extra bellies to use
the 24/7 shop assistant is Jesus who
shovels in, as it were
if you don't have money for the 24/7 you're doomed to burn for eternity in
                                                                               the flames of hell
but, hell also has a 24/7 where you pay in meat
should you suffer, you are paid, you buy and you will be given redemption

the 24/7 is the new Mecca, the new Manhattan, the new Jerusalem
I wish to place a bomb at a 24/7
I wish to work for free
I wish to eat for free
I wish to pop astronaut food pills and not be hungry
I wish to gather all the money I have and turn it into planes

people of the paper heart, of the paper body,
people of the metal brain, of the metal heart
people shedding coins for tears, people
set to amaze with their cadence of talents
people who save money and dream money
people who are worth money

were Teresa of Ávila to be born today, she'd re-write Marx's Capital
Saint Sebastian would be an economist and would like to work alongside
                                                                               Mugur Iărescu
Paul the Apostle would like to be a broker, David would get a job at the
                                                                               national bank
while Adam and Eve would certainly save their money to get on a low cost
                                                                               flight to Antalya Eden

translated from the Romanian by Nigel Walker and Alina-Olimpia Miron