Vibhuti Pada: The Chapter of Dubious Glories

Kanya Kanchana

Hey, You. Focus.

See flow—It is.
Not You. Wrap up

all three. Perfect.
Shining. Take it.

Go deep. Go in.
Watch seed/no seed.


Say no, say yes.
Nothing. Nothing.

Say yes, say no.
Quiet. Quiet.

          Steady now.

Change, some more.
Pulsing. Catch it.

Body, senses.
Changing. See—


See why. See how.
Old day, new day.

See sound. See form.
What’s when. See then.

Read minds, almost.
Go out. Vanish.

          See death.

Make friends. Get strong.
See far. See wide.

Sun, moon, planets.

Stars, galaxies.
Codes cosmic.

All that. See in.
Hunger, stop it.

Thirst, stop it.

          Steady now.

See—the ones
before. See in.

          Wake up.

See heart. Who’s who,
what’s what. See face.

Watch it. Stay on.
Steal in. Float high.

Burn bright. Listen up.         

          Move it.

Sort it out. Light it up.
Catch five, twenty five.

Perfect. Light, minuscule.
Perfect. Heavy, colossal.

Perfect. Far and wide.
Perfect. Get it all. Have it all.

Make, break. Perfect.
Gracious, gorgeous. Perfect.

Tough, vital. Perfect.
Hold it. What’s what.

What’s when. What’s where.
Discard. Move fast.

Enjoy. Become.
Burn, burn, burn . . .


Watch out. See in.
All One. Watch out.



          Everything. Real thing.
          Real thing. Everything.

          Everything. Real thing.
          Real thing. Everything.

translated from the Sanskrit of Patanjali