from Fictions

Md. Fariq Khir

Artwork by Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee


I stopped a taxi. After I sat, I asked where is he heading? After arriving at the destination, he paid his fare and I returned the balance.


A novel cried reading itself.


A fish died because ideas have dried up.


A couple decided to call off their wedding because no ring can fit their ring fingers.


Ten blind commandos were ordered to search for the wolf that had swallowed the sun.


Seeing his father’s face, a baby crawled back inside his mother’s womb.


A cannibal scientist cloned himself and got eaten by his clone, who then cloned himself and got eaten by his clone, who then cloned himself. . .


The ferry I was onboard sank. No passengers died because the paper ships we made when we were small came to save us.


I told my parents that they were adopted. They cried because I did not tell them earlier.


In a lecture I sat beside a beautiful girl. I gave her a slip of paper to ask for her number. She only wrote 8173. Frustrated, I used the number at Sports Toto and won the jackpot.

translated from the Malay by Ali Aiman Mazwin