United in Silent Self-Cultivation

Lau Yee-ching

                        Not to totalize, not to simplify, not to stop his step, not to fix a trajectory,
                        not to seek some advantage, not to cross things out or get even, and
                        especially not to make calculations, not to appropriate or reappropriate
                        (even if it be through that paradoxical form of manipulating or calculating
                        reappropriation that is called rejection), not to seize what was inappropriable
                        and must remain so.
                        – Jacques Derrida, text from Louis Althusser's funeral 
                           (taken from Tang Siu Wa's Ticklish blog)

From truth
Comes freedom
To serve
You open an umbrella
And I consider this
Some people say that Jesus was a Buddhist monk
A foreign Buddhist monk,
They say he was a Buddhist monk, a foreign Buddhist monk
What does it matter?
As everyone knows
And as everyone doesn't know
He said
Is an act of self-cultivation
Understanding other people's goodness
Illuminates one's own virtue
With a head of hair
Or without
What does it matter?
Five loaves and two fishes
Another five loaves and two fishes
Five loaves and two fishes
Open an umbrella
Then another umbrella
Another umbrella
Like a monk walking lonely in a crowd
He said
Enemies and friends
Those who love and those who don't
Is an act of self-cultivation
By step


Now there is none
In the future there won't ever be any

Is a form of

One's own
Other people's
And nourishes
The possibility of

Like a Buddhist monk
Walking lonely in a crowd
He said

He said to

Is a form of eternally fierce
Continuous struggle to relinquish power

translated from the Chinese by Emily Jones and Sophie Smith