Articles in Criticism in Jul 2017 - Search Results


Domenico Starnone, Ties

Translated from the Italian by Jhumpa Lahiri

A review by Stiliana Milkova

Michael Marshall Smith, The Gist

Translated from the French by Benoît Domis and Nicholas Royle

A review by Paschalis Nikolaou

John P. Portelli, Luggage / Bagage

Translated from the Maltese by Norbert Bugeja et al and Elizabeth Grech

A review by Antoine Cassar

Julia Fiedorczuk, Oxygen: Selected Poems

Translated from the Polish by Bill Johnston

A review by Elisa González

Yuri Herrera, Kingdom Cons, The Transmigration of Bodies, and Signs Preceding the End of the World

Translated from the Spanish by Lisa Dillman

A review by Peter Mitchell