Six Poems

Joan Brossa


The red and gold bicolour flag
is re-established as the flag of Spain.
The traditional bi-colour red and gold flag,
the glorious emblem that has presided over the
immortal deeds of our history.

                                               That is a stamp.

Wall of Delight

Now it is a ribbon
that explodes in stars of green,
blue and red.
Now it is an arched
palm that fades
after exploding.
As soon as
the first rockets
have died, already
the second and third

Geometry and Butterflies

lines that join
at a point form an

A polygon
is a plane bound
by lines.

A circumference
is a closed, curved

Butterflies with blue wings
and white wings with dark spots.
But, I like
this one with red wings and a velvety


This charity has a very precise
political meaning: it is reserved
for fascists and reactionaries
only; it is never in favour
of an enemy, for example,
a Spanish republican.


The order to suppress the festivities of
Carnival came out on February 3, 
1937, and continues until the present day.

(And a red
devil appears through the hatch
of the convent.)


The day the majority,
which opposes the monopolies,
endeavours to accomplish
its ends, will be the beginning
of a victory.

translated from the Catalan by Cameron Griffiths