from MA

Ida Börjel


Earth: mother earth
was. Pangaea
was and Gondwana
was broken from Pangaea
from Pangaea        Laurasia

from Pangaea Laurasia
Ma all was broken into pieces
Pangea was
and Gondwana was broken from Pangaea
the universe expands
the conditional
void, locked
in time, twisted in
the human measurement earth’s
loneliness, emptiness, earth’s
abandoned lonely lunacy
time, the human era        the anthropocene

adrenaline, adrenaline was
swirls, swirls
the milky way’s
spiral structure, poisonous swirls were
hamster wheels, the mobius strips’
which happened, it happened and happened
pattern light, bright lattice bright
where eye light fractured into prisms
where the bloodhound
whose eye had burst        insomnia


also the cheaters were, the cheaters
 in an opportunistic flood wave, shock wave was
 waves and in the waves wading after
 the anti-information board’s green
or gray censorious praxis tags
 after wet crackers in the head during
 the press conference, paper bullets fired against
 the foreign ministry’s cheating oil deals
 iron ore, profit, fabrications
the fiction that the only thing that was
 was the only possible path through
 deforestation, iron ore
 the arms factory and the shrewdness
 shrewdness was; Operation Paperclip
 the antitank rifle Carl Gustaf in Kashmir
 the anniversary was, anniversaries
 iron ore, the decision mid-summer
 regarding the german soldiers’ safe transit
 across the tracks between the Norwegian
 and Finnish border        Svea

butterflies, butterfly mine
 dams were; labyrinthine
 echo chamber
 the shivering; the capsules; semi
prone; flood delta the situation
 could be assessed based on their love
 usually they came out to dance and listen
—when we played and no one came
the soldiers knew that action would follow
the Syrian troop’s human shields
 a fine wreath of children
 clinging to the tanks to not
 be shot into the head
there was, in the factory and the factory
 outside the factory walls
 the profit margin, the human factor
 what had become reasonable in as things stand
full speed ahead, legitimate answers, weak
 levees        Katrina


I see
through the open gate
I build a threshold
no it can’t be written
it can’t be written
I can’t
I can’t
it should not be possible to write
how can I be where the poem is
death I want to be
if you are
hazy sunlight
there is no here where I am
violence can’t be ordered like that
like the poem imagined itself
what is left here
it is heavy
it is very difficult to be in
it does not want to communicate
each order becomes an ordering of death
but there is no order here
no order to rest no order to a rose
I can’t think I don’t know
where I am I don’t know how to
read the emblems as cracks
or force them into rose, read
the frozen images or freeze my love
in anger/in my hands in the snow
there is no distance
how can events be worded
links in what continues there night
is my only way to close my eyes
where everything that is is inability
which is inertia, mute facial walls
I don’t want to write this
I don’t want to make myself write
I’m disgusted by this wording
an act of violence the order
of death to peace

translated from the Swedish by Jennifer Hayashida