Now These Objects Will Move by Themselves

Hsia Yü

Every time you get to thinking this time doesn't count

Every time you come to feel this one now isn't real

The air is shot with the sound of silk ripping

You run inside as fast you are able to

Hide yourself

Peeking through a crack

Softly say: "Next time, OK."

Just as everything begins to happen you become conscious

Your consciousness is taking the happening

Out of what's happening

But for that one day someday you are able to say:

"Well, actually . . ."

Or maybe

"Once . . ."

Every time you find yourself earnestly believing:

"Next time will count far more than this time."

Which is strictly speaking

The next time of the next time

Or the next time preparing to rush out

You shout:

"Doesn't count!"

Just as you think of making these objects move by themselves

On account of the fact you're beginning to fidget

Sure enough it all begins to happen

And so we see

A chair moving towards us all by itself

"Still doesn't count."

You say ever so languidly:

"Even that doesn't count doesn't count."

translated from the Chinese by Steve Bradbury