14 Apr 2015





LONDON, UK: We are very proud to announce that Asymptote was today presented with the London Book Fair’s 2015 International Literary Translation Initiative Award (complete list of award winners here). The prize is part of the International Excellence Awards, designed to showcase publishing innovation around the word, held in partnership with the UK Publishers Association.


The award is presented to the organisation that the committee considers to have “succeeded in raising the profile of literature in translation, promoting literary translators, and encouraging new translators and translated works,” whose scope of achievement lies outside of the UK. Last year’s winner was the Best Translated Book Award, launched by Three Percent, the University of Rochester’s ground-breaking prize for literature in translation.


Shortlisted alongside the Dutch Foundation for Literature and Paper Republic (China), Asymptote’s recognition this year reinforces its status as an innovative audio-visual platform showcasing the most exciting writing from around the world.


According to the selection committee, who came to a "unanimous decision," Asymptote is "the place where translators want to publish their own and their authors' work."


Asymptote’s Editor-in-Chief, Lee Yew Leong, said, "It is extremely special for our magazine to be honored among the many wonderful international initiatives celebrated at this year's London Book Fair Awards, especially given that our international setup means we don't qualify for national funding. This award truly belongs to all editors, contributors, and guest artists past and present, who have made Asymptote what it is today: a site to discover the best in world literature.”


This is the first time that a Singaporean organisation has been nominated for, as well as won, an award at the London Book Fair.


Asymptote is delighted to be officially recognized for its work in the field of literary translation over the past few years, and wishes to first and foremost thank all its supporters and collaborators from around the world who have made it possible for Asymptote to consistently publish such stunning work. Our team of volunteer editors, translators, designers, and other creatives is thrilled to be sharing this award, and we are already hard at work on our exciting next issue, out this coming July!