Three Poems

Jens August Schade

My Young Beloved

My young beloved left me alone we don't remember
like a ship that slipped away into a blue horizon
like a dying tone she vanished
and the sleep came to me and the earth got distant
as a singing ball of silver

but you have shown yourself in a dream to me
your voice was cooling rain
your mouth was a ripe and edible fruit
created for a starving man
I remember you sad and consoling as a song of
birds and trees

they exist such women who love a man
as they eat a beloved meal . . .


Of gold and fire is my thought's feast —
why is there dread in your heart?
flowers grow behind your breasts
you smell of apples and eternity

The Goddess Yearns

Stars of silver and gold,
seductive apples,
you lay in my lap —
but give me once a great, passionate heart,
that can go up in flames between my hands
and complain and whimper and sigh and laugh.
See my lips breathe and speak and thirst.
Let a soldier come to me
— with gruesome pleasure I will work open his heart.

translated from the Danish by Thomas E. Kennedy

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Jens August Schade (1903-78) was a Danish writer who published his first collection in 1926 (the living violin/den levende violin) to be followed by more than twenty-five other volumes, including poetry, novels, plays and travel books. In 1985 Curbstone Press published his Selected Poems, translated by Alexander Taylor, and in 1999, his collected poems appeared from Gyldendal Publishers (Schades Digte/Schade's Poems). At first neglected because of the strong erotic themes of his poems, Schade was for more than fifty years a prominent figure in the Copenhagen literary world and brown-bar life, together with his "muses" — the many girls he loved.

Thomas E. Kennedy has published thirty books, including novels, story and essay collections, literary criticism and translations, most recently the first two novels of his Copenhagen Quartet from Bloomsbury in the U.S. and the U.K. (Falling Sideways, 2011, and In the Company of Angels, 2010). This year, Getting Lucky: 20 New & Selected Stories, 1982-2012 will appear from New American Press. His translations from the Danish are regularly published in such journals as American Poetry Review, Agni, Absinthe, Ecotone, Epoch, New Letters, Poet Lore, Poetry Wales and elsewhere. This is his website.

Shortly after a young Jens August Schade moved from mid-Jutland to Copenhagen, he abandoned his study of economics in favor of poetry and a bohemian life style in the Danish capital. His 1926 debut collection, the living violin/den levende violin, subtitled spiritual and sensual songs, identified his dominant theme of erotics and sensuality as the core of life and of his poetry. Two of the three poems included here are from that book. As Danish poet and critic Poul Borum points out there is no duality in the subtitle of the collection, body and soul are one to Schade who the critic describes as "a happy Baudelaire."

We see the erotic surrealism — or surrealistic erotics — throughout the poet's work, be it a levitating painter in an inner city bar —

The painter dances singing in a beer bass
about all the great earth at Café Nick
in Copenhagen — and gaily fly the wild
angels forth who love his lovely trick.

— ('The Painter Dances'), or the magic evoked by a song on the juke box —

And to everyone's surprise
I move the chair away beneath me
and keep sitting on the air . . .

in the latter case dancing in the air with "a girl with ugly teeth" while their souls kiss . . .

Schade's poetry speaks best for itself — in bright, clear images — but there is precious little of it available in English; Curbstone Press published his Selected Poems (translated by Alexander Taylor) in 1985, but that too is out of print.

What the world needs now, in this blue-nosed time, is more of Schade's poetry!

Thanks to Gyldendal Publishers for permission to reprint these poems in English translation and the original Danish.

(note and translated excerpts by Thomas E. Kennedy)


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