from Third-Millennium Heart

Ursula Andkjær Olsen

When I lie on my back and cry, tears run from my temples and into
each ear canal. When the pressure is high enough, the fluid is pushed back into
my tear ducts and I can lie like this, a closed orbit, silent exultation
fountain, for several thousand years.


I want more than just you. Nothing of you awakens my dreams of
fusion: your sperm does. What I can become pregnant with does. All that
a human can become pregnant with does.

Get out of the stalls: I will hitch you to everything's wagon, I will ride you like a
bulldog of growth, we will ride

straight up into



You all dream of freedom
it's simple
liberate your cocks in me.

You search my name and get 20,000 tits.

Good tits
and bad tits.


I want to be more. 



The male and the female, I rub these two against each other
until everything happens, I think with babel cunt, with ivory brain
until I think with babel brain, with ivory cock, and nothing inside
me will prevent you from going there, where society is not, and color
your longings with RED radiance.

You are male = dynamic = moveable = soft.

I am female = static = hard.

You are male = stiff = static.

I am female = flexible = plastic = dynamic.

Anything is possible.


One reality is slaughtered at another reality's altar
the other reality is slaughtered at the third reality's altar
the third reality is slaughtered at the fourth's and

humans, animals, gods
work, loneliness
babel and ivory

stream from hand to mouth, from

one's hand to the other's mouth
the other's mouth to the third's

my servants, my invisible servants are
an army, they take my soul, must become water
must traverse everything while singing GLORIA

all realities must be avenged, each and every one. 


The Matriarchate I
If the market is a mother, then it must be milked.
If the individual is a cock, then it must use a condom.

The Matriarchate II
If a rich man can be milked, then he is a mother.

The Matriarchate III
You can fuck Mother Market, it won't help anything.
Every hole grows back together.

The Matriarchate IV
Both the dynamic and flexible individuals are stretched between a Big
Mother State and the dream of a virgin market.

The Matriarchate V
Choose between a Big Mother State or a Big Mother's Darling Boy State.


Pate pointing east, a man sits on knees and hands
and above him, pate pointing east, another man curls on
knees and hands
and above him, pate pointing east, a third man curls on
knees and hands
and above

above him the new sun sets. 


The planet of spiderweb created when I rub my fingers against
each other
and the planets of spiderweb created when everyone rubs everyone's
are uniform.

We hand each other planets and spiderwebs in caring and non-caring
tethered to larger and larger webs of caring and non-caring.

We catch fish, while life rides off
between our fingers.

Like women riding men. 


I give away my third-millennium heart, I send it into orbit and get it
back tenfold, it grows via the babel effect

tenfold, tenfold, tenfold

so much

complicated being

I'll never be able to get it back in, it's towering up, it's
pouring out over the vault of life, founding
my towers and cities. 


My life is hanging by long threads from the sky: a spindle apparatus that keeps it
in place, in an upright position in my chest. When oceans rise in the throat, life's
anchoring is threatened.

The judge says all rise, and the big blue courtroom gets up and swallows

humans, animals, gods
or even hearts
complicated beings

unless I pull the organs out of my rib cage, playpen, and
send them into orbit.

translated from the Danish by Katrine Øgaard Jensen