from Super 8

Tóroddur Poulsen

God's Lamb

to be god's lamb
cut off your head
toss it in the pot

let thoughts boil up
put them on the table

and dig in

To Eat the Angels

when you get old
you don't much care for bird
she says apologetically
pushing the plate
of chicken towards me

lately i've heard
          the flapping of invisible wings
it can't be right
to eat the angels
she says so convincingly
that i too lose my appetite


i don't reek of fish
i've only just eaten fish
but i've also dreamt
i was a fish
and i've even read
an interview where paul mccartney's daughter
said she and her dad don't eat meat or fish
because it's wrong
to eat anything that has a face
and since then i've always thought of fish
whenever i hear yesterday
and whenever i see a face
that looks like mccartney's
it makes me want to eat fish
so bad
my piano reeks
and plays yesterday all by itself

translated from the Faroese by Randi Ward