from The Iliad


Lines 304—317

So both, to be sure, after verbal-skirmishing, jaw-to-jaw, barb-embroiled, flame-engaged, locked in thick and bickering words,—contravalent syllable-bash—powerwound then grounded,

stood up and broke up, severed, dispersed the abruptly-dissolving assembly,—sore and severe atmosphere—gathered together, convened, enduned by the ships of the Akhaioi.

Son of Peleus Sepia-Jet-Shot headed back to his low-heeling huts and well-balanced ships,— fine-firred fair-framed—prime-proportioned,

along with the son of Menoitios, loyal along with his comrades and clanmates,

but the son of Atreus suddenly dragged, slid and drew ​down​ a sharkquick ship to the salt-charged sea,

and chose to man it twenty rowers, and put on board the oxen flame-pool,—goldenhoofed silverhorned black-brown-mottled blossom-filleted—

primed for the god, bringing the girl, tight-balanced chiton-clad,—lowramp-shortboarding—gingerly in gumball-pink sparkle-pumps, Khruseis of the beautiful cheekbones—tangible packed auroral spheres.

And parti-strategic scatter-tactic Odusseus,—polumetic multipurpose—calculating, craftcrammed, climbed aboard as commander.

Thereupon the crew embarked and sailed across—ingressive sea-slice anabatic—fin-fanned watery arteries,—purple-pooled sky-cloned scale-schooled crest-propelled—

while son of Atreus charged his people, urged his men to lather up, wash down, rinse and rub off gunky muck—skin-unspot, dirt-deterge—cloaking-thick their limb-encaked, scuz-enveloped, sweat-endrenched and dust-impacted bodies.

So sponge-equipped, they scrubbed up, soaped down, soaked and sloshed, slinging, chucked, flinging, upturned pails of grub and cans of grime, spilling into the mobile cobalt thermoclinic salt-encrystalled sea,

and offered up to Flameball-Batter, Beam-Blinder, Body-Scotcher, Killer Apollo, fire-rings, impeccable pools

of bulls and goats, by the heaped-up beach of the ungleaned halical unrub-a-dubbable—gravity-warped sun-railed moon-rolled star-reeled—unabraded wild-whipped—immessive atrugetic—sickle-lack offing-falling oscillating color-swelling bright-suffused underbloom—fruit-ungathered sea,

and steamy aroma, redolent waves and savor encharred, eddy-escalated, rose to the sky acquiring curls, coiled links—altered coals, sable kinks—of shape-shifting scything swirling vapor-veiling smoke-signals.

Lines 348—363

But Pain-Invaded Akhilleus

boohoo-burst​, lost control, completely broke down, soft-collapsed, crumbled into tears, and ​then
went away, and ​so​ sat apart,—split-up subito—severed​ ​straightway, sea-inclined, stemming off, recoiled from his cohorts

by the sandbanked cone-sonic shell-capped beach of the gray salt sea, ​gazing​ ​out​ at the boundless redfaced purple-purring—wine-dyed indigo-shingled—blue-beyond green-bound deep—orbit-warped, pulse-whipped,—rainbow-chiming glow-vibrations.

And ​he​ invoked, gravely craved—beseeching-high-pitched—hard-implored his mother, wrenched and battered, compact-wound in a passion-ball,—emo-lather—face bent down with outstretched arms:

'Mother, ​because​ you bore me, indeed, to a small-scale squeezing time-frame,—quick-contracting, twinkle-brief, incredibly shrinking life-span,

Olympian Zeus, storm-roarer,—hupsibremetous altifremetic—sky-bowler blue-bammer elevated-boomer—high-howling hail-hurling—rattle-bang whiz-crash—should bright-relay, ​hand​

to me exceeding esteem; but now to him, the invisible man, badgeless, worth-undeemed I am.

For indeed, the son of Atreus, wide-commanding Agamemnon,

me​ debased, smeared, disgraced, slurred, dishonored, kicked in the face, because he—​adeemed, apprehended, impudent-pinched—grabbed and pilfered, swiped, abducted, brash-assumed my prize and keeps it.'

So he spoke, cascading tears, and close at hand, his mother heard him, purple-appareled, quartz-quick, marine majestic Aqua-Queen,

sitting enshrined in the biolumed depths of the salt-dashing sea, beside her besilvered, aetatic

And ​lightningesque—​flash and fizz—she rose in a rush like a mist or a hush from the gray and the helical twinkling oracular shapely cantankerous sea,

and she, approaching, palpable, luminous, came and sat down across from him, his eyes encrystalled, torrent with tears,

and ​with​ her slender, tender hand,—soft, demulcent—ever so lightly, patted him gently and called him by name, and spoke out and uttered a shimmering word:

'Child, why are you crying? Why so sad? How such sorrow, what great ​woe​ has gotten to you? What grief has reached and grabbed your heart?

Tell me why, don’t harbor, hide it, safe-alarm-belled, all locked up, secure and cooped up, locked in your mind, nor keep it a secret, the source of your sadness, base of despair, so I may ​share​ and cushion your anguish, lessen your throes, and ergo we ​both​ may know.'

Lines 380—392

The old man perturbed, withdrew from the camp; but him did Apollo, Solar Decimator, Ruby-Laser-Beam-Blaster,

hear,​ attentive-listening, note and behold, perceive as he prayed, for he was extremely dear to him,

and subsequently, fired off a poison arrow, mortal bolt, directly at the time-bashed, beach-plunked, plague-infected, broken-willed Argeioi Radiant People. And next the troops

were tipping over, fast falling, dropping in blocks like dominos,—klonk klonk klonk—robust-struck, brutal-pounded, savage-salvoed, knocked around while phosphorescent, toxic, tart, ubiquitous sticks of the god

descended, darkly showered, widely issued, shot in volleys, ​everywhere​, rapped on the cankered commodious camp, wrecked by bolts, of the Akhaioi. So the skull-enkindled seer,

zodiac-steered,—orbit-sparked—sky-instilled with a crystal mind, full of the fury of deity, revealed to us the 3-D visions, fire-veiled, of the quiver-king—technicolored holograms, kaleidoscopic storms—red lightning, orange thunder, yellow clouds, blue rain, green wind.

Straightaway, ​I​ was the first to deliver the orders, give the command to mitigate, quell, gladden the god, to fully furnish, propitiate, robust and potent favors;

consequently, frenzy hooked—bile clutched, gall gripped—the son of Untrembles Atreus, and the overlord, bounding up subito,

issued a threat, which, by now, has been fulfilled.

For the bright-eyed mobilized Akhaioi are ushering, escorting, forced-chaperoning the girl—

charm-charged calm-cored—to Khruse, City of Gold, in a quick ship, bringing gifts, bequests compelled, donations due, demanded to the dominator, ​radiator​, lord of the sun,

and the heralds just ​left​ my heeling hut with her in hand,

Briseus' daughter, whom, educed, the Akhaian warriors, nailhard soldiers, battle-burned, awarded to me.

Lines 405—427

Down he sat, right by the son of Cannibal Kronos Circle-Maker, exulting, gayly gloating in his hasty, ghastly glory,—colossal splashy radiation—glowing potent emanation,

and the blessed gods blenched and quailed, winced, retracted, jibbed, recoiled—shocking shrinkback!—quickly quenched, blotted out,—hupodeidic summetute—any further thoughts to truss or trammel, bind, control him.

Go now,—paredzic juxtasessive—sit beside him, grasp his knees and supplicate, remind him of these things afresh

in the hope perhaps that he may wish to help out, back up, aid and defend the Trojans,

and—trap and tumble, squeeze and scramble—drive back, jam-pack, bright-impel, coop up, wedge, congest—wind down, turn around,—bumble-cramp,​ ​tromp, conglobe—cram, compress the Akhaioi against the poopdecks, ironed flat—hindmost high-parked motley-painted—and the clashing rainbow breakers

to be butchered, cut to pieces, killed—causing heavy casualties, incurring corpses, stacks and crates—so all may reap, brightly savor, touch and treasure, joint-delight in the fruits of their king,

and that ​also​ wide-commanding Agamemnon, son of Atreus, may see and behold

his blind folly, whim-damage, manic quirk, moony jolt,—demented bungle, screw-up plus—that he, misguided, botched, bewildered, did not honor, esteem the best of the Akhaioi.'

Then Thetis, word-exchanging, answered him, ensluicing tears:

'O my stars, my precious child! Why, I wonder, did I rear you, born below combustive skies, under sullen constellations, retrogressive unpropitious,—big bang sonic extratropic blasted space debris—disaster-laden colored spheres?

If only you could ​sit​ by your ships, tearless safe untroubled harmfree

since, in fact, your expected life-span, reckoned age—mapped-out short-term light-drained dark-drawn—is, no doubt, ordained to be docked, bluff and brief, not long.

Yet ​now​ you are doomed to die undaunted, doleful, noble, young and bold, too soon gone, a fate way beyond the—truculent gloomy truncated glummy—celerisortic, swift, okumorous—fleetlotted quickshared keensheared fast-assured deathdue—dreary directions of all human beings—

superluminal hyperskotous space-bounder time-ranger. So to a wicked destiny I bore you in my corridors—turquoise-tinted halls.

But I myself shall voice and discuss this matter with Zeus, he on high, who is clime-insane,— terpikeraunic fulmenexhilarous—too inclement-weather-crazy, storm-gaga, tempest-flipped, monsoon-cuckoo, whirlicane-wacky, nuts to the max about thunderbolts—

going to peaky—aganniphic niminivalous—snow-capped craggy—crystal-colored phantom-nitid loose-auroraed tight-albedoed—Olumpus in person, hoping he’ll listen, pay attention.

But you stay beachside, tight-entrenched, right by your bright-pocked clip-quick shallow-anchored dazzle-painted ships,—cruisers conked, out of commission—okuporous velocivading—sea-swinging ultrapumped—

and rage from ​there​ at the Akhaioi and—apopause, cease, desine—keep away from, shun all combat, stiff-arm conflict, disengage, bob and dodge the whole of war.

For Zeus of the blue disk left his palace, went to a blowout, yesterday, away to indigo Circling Ocean to be entertained,—auroral cocktails, swizzle sticks—party and feast with the​ ​equinoctial, calico-caped—suncar-encroached, grace-imbued—ethical-prone Ethiopians,—

leopard-masked body-painted toucan-feather-headdressed—spectrum-irised Burning Eyes, and all the gods attended, joined him.

But ​he​ will return in twelve days, come straight back to Olumpos,—watchet welkin twinkle-crown—

and then I shall go, on your behalf, to the copper-stepping—khalkobatic aerigressive—imperial palace of Indigo Zeus,

and grasp him by the knees and plead in proper supplication, ​and​ I deem, I ​shall​ induce him.'

translated from the Ancient Greek by James Wilcox