Elena Fanailova

1. Donetsk Elections 2014

Texts of no avail
Into the war zone.
Sent to a young woman.
She volunteered to go alone.

Elections in the East.
A flicker in the steppe.
Battle for the airport.
The city sinks into sand.
The city sinks under ice.
I had thought
Their generation
Would be spared that fate.

2. Voronezh Elections 2002

It’s night outside.
A flicker in the steppe.
Monstrous Russian March.
Fuck it’s cold.
And the car broke down.

Alright, a couple of texts.
Early cellphone connection.
And Serezha is not far-off.
And my brother with me.

The madhouse nurses
Talk into the mic
About their disappeared 
About evacuation towards Leningrad
And what I should tell Putin
My being a journalist from Moscow
Tell him right into the Kremlin:
Volodya, you’re our only hope.
Baby, stop this war
In Chechnya
And add to our pensions.

translated from the Russian by Eugene Ostashevsky