First Ceremony

Abigael Bohórquez

springous you lie
pleasural and tenderic,
and no one is like you, matinal fawn,
sylvanized and delicate.
you feign sleep
and a smile alights your pupils;
I am left without myself.
You summerexplode,
when my hands unfold out of their misery
and touch the strands of your hair, docile like water,
and I lie down beside you.
Disrobed you discover yourself; disrobed I am there;
suspended, tremulant,
defenseless like the miserablest night;
fasting and weakened;
what can I do, blinded and mute,
entangled in stupor,
you maintain the same face fresh and ferocious,
thirsty as before
gleam in the devouring darkness:
your sex,
dewy, warmly electric, victorious trunk,
still wounded by the memory
of first masturbation and leery orgasm,
and your sumptuous lips
trembling with a sigh that boy you once were
doesn't need anymore,
and I inspect your neck, heart's cords
pulsate, don't know if it's yours, mine,
and we don't say a word,
not one in my favor;
there's no forgiveness for me.
Let your nubile chest say no,
firm abode of health,
a roiling sea no one will detain,
hold back its love, its hate;
your way of being you almost licks me,
dog heat, goose eyes, horses' brother,
a flood of your taste and smell washes over me,
your navel's fledgling rotation,
your syrup, your being
flying, unmoving, slow, grasping, ungraspable;
I outstretch a hand: you exist;
your thighs, blow after blow, open,
come together, fit together, move together,
a blazing breach emerges in the fluttering
there's no mercy for me.
Your teeth drop, slit my throat,
I surrender all sense.
Take me,
Be disgraceful, subdue me, be wretched, obey me,
Lose it, be shamed, fall apart, kneel,
force me, come back again, go away, return,
miserable, my love, lizard, imbecile, breath taking,
precipitate, howl.

Suddenly, you, lightning,
open, flowering, crashing,
above, below, on top, where?
you pierce the darkness,
and inside:

you rain.

translated from the Spanish by John Pluecker