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Asymptote’s First Ever Reader Survey (+Prizes)!

Do you like Asymptote? (Yes). Do you like free prizes? (Obviously). Participate in our reader survey!

A quick PSA for our dear blog readers: if you read the journal (check!), love world literature (check!), would like to snag some Asymptote-swag (check!), and would like to help us cater to you (check—we hope!), please consider filling out our reader survey, which you can find here.

It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes or so, and we’d certainly appreciate the feedback! Be sure to finish it by tomorrow—Monday, September 8th—to be eligible for Asymptote-related swag!

Allison M. Charette answers our Proust Questionnaire

A "Lydia Davis" Questionnaire

Who is your favorite fictional character of all time?

Seriously? That’s not fair, is it? This questionnaire is hard. Although now that I think about it: Death. I’ve never met a portrayal of Death that wasn’t incredible.