How You Can Help

1. Give feedback at and let us know about your experience of the site. We welcome any suggestions to improve.

2. If you are on Facebook, like us, to show support. Click on the button to the right.

3. Download our high-resolution flyer, print it out and ask your local independent bookstore/English department/café to post or distribute somewhere.

4. If you know anyone who would love to know about us (writers, translators, lovers of literature, even people from the media, etc.), please spread the word. We want as many people as possible to read us—which is why we don't charge for access in the first place. Posting us up on your Facebook wall is a great idea.

5. We are constantly looking for ways to engage underrepresented communities. Although we try to reach out to everyone, Asymptote is still not networked in certain regions (e.g., Africa). If you belong to such an underrepresented region and would like to bring its literature to the world's attention, give us a shout. We are a global journal; we'd love to work with you.

6. As part of our initiative to reach out to readers from other language communities, we are translating work in the other direction every issue. So far, a Mary Gaitskill essay has been translated into the Japanese, a Soren Gauger into the Polish, and a Dominic Pettman into the Italian. If you are a seasoned literary translator and would like to volunteer your translation services, step forward to be on our list of translator-supporters. We also need readers as well, with mother-tongue fluency in divers languages, so if you're game for contributing some audio bytes every now and then, let us know. All help will be credited after the masthead every issue.

7. We are a journal looking to expand. We are always on the lookout for committed, passionate people with a track record for translation or editing to be part of our team. Some editorship positions are still available. If you like what we do and want to help Asymptote grow, drop us a note; make a case for yourself. We will welcome you into our team if you are found suitable.

8. Finally, we can't say this enough: whether you are a lover of literature or a company with a track record of supporting arts groups, consider giving us some money at our Donate page. Every bit helps.

Thank you!

The Asymptote team