A truly great journal.

– Tomaž Šalamun

Except for being utterly professional, one can see that Asymptote is a true labor of love. Very impressive.

– Etgar Keret


– David Mitchell

No other contemporary journal reaches as far into the wealth of the world's literature, or as deeply into the life of the word.

– Sidney Wade

Asymptote is trained to a new perimeter‚ excitingly so. There is the feeling that its editors are listening, not just for a new sound‚ although it feels very new‚ but for the full sound, taking in parts of the tonal spectrum that have been ignored for too long. Cosmopolitan and generous in the deepest sense. Its aura is that of excitement.

– Sven Birkerts

An almost unbelievably good international magazine; the whole thing is very much exactly the people/work/translations I want to be reading‚ and then a number of excellent writers I didn't know.

– Forrest Gander

This journal is an invaluable addition to our cultural landscape, and I'm enormously grateful for the labor, intelligence, and passion that underlies its elegant and eloquent pages.

– Jane Hirshfield

I love the collective impetus, the breadth of vision, the polylingualism‚ the universality which is at the core of the journal's poetics. A lot of journals include documents of poetics, but very few have a deeply driven poetics in themselves, across all genres plus all genres in-between. Asymptote is full of life and beautifully poised, and it has bite!

– John Kinsella

Asymptote is quickly establishing itself as one of the most interesting‚ and best designed‚ translation websites out there.

– Chad Post


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